Hi, I’m Madeleine

Call me a meetings doctor, consultant, trainer, facilitator or leadership coach.

I’m the person trade associations, small enterprises and large corporations call when they want to stop wasting time in unproductive meetings and make more time for driving individual and collective success.

My strategies and systems combine art and science to re-reprogramme your meeting culture and your mindset to increase results (including your meetings with yourself: when’s the last time you got in your own way?).


4 Keys To Unlock Results

Corporate Training

Meetings & Teams: real people, real life, real problems, real solutions

Leadership Coaching

Leadership & Mindset: it’s not what you can do, it’s who you can be


Tailored to your business, your goals, your people and your meeting culture

Facilitation & Ideation

Strategy Sessions to unleash your genius, get clarity, solve problems & reach consensus

The Science & Art of Masterful Meetings

Harness the power of collective intelligence and collaboration to transform your meeting culture and increase results:

  • Save up to one month’s salary per employee, per year
  • Increase project completion rates by 23%
  • Gain an extra 5 hours a week strategic thinking time
  • Grow your business
  • Get happier, self-governing teams