Poor meetings cost companies millions in wasted productivity. Easy-to-learn skills and tools transform meeting misery to magic.


Mega Meeting Masterclass: Everything you need to plan, run and follow-up meetings so they’re efficient, productive and deliver actionable results. Book Now
Email Expert: Write concise, structured emails they’ll want to respond to Book Now
Feedback is a Gift: learn how to give and receive constructive feedback for a positive learning culture and great team performance Book Now
Speak UP: Find confidence and your unique voice to communicate and share ideas in public Book Now
Meeting Monsters: Learn how to manage ‘difficult’ personalities in the meeting room so all your meetings stay on track and get the job done Book Now
Fantastic Facilitator: Learn how to Chair or Facilitate any meeting so everyone contributes to a common goal Book Now


Pick the best formula to make your meetings more effective and productive:

Best for individuals or organisations with less than 3 staff to train
  • Brussels-based Professional and Personal Development hub
  • One-day masterclasses
  • Small class sizes, individual attention


Best for organisations with 3 or more staff to train.
  • In-house flexible training solutions
  • Made-to-measure, or
  • Ready-made, tried & tested classes


Comes to you

We'll deliver one of our ready-made 1-day Masterclasses to your team



We'll talk to your team, assess their needs and create a tailor-made Meeting Mastery Training specifically for you


Transform your Meeting Culture

Everything in option 2, plus we'll dig deeper and accompany your teams over a period of 4-8 months to transform your organisation's productivity one meeting at a time

Corporate Training

Made-to-measure trainings, developed to
meet your organisation’s unique needs.


We listen to your needs
So we can identify your painpoints and solutions
We’ll design a masterclass to pivot your team’s challenges into success.
Fun & Dynamic
Friendly and engaging. We learn best when we’re also having fun.
We ask questions
To uncover triggers and behaviours that anchor the status quo
Practical, Hands-on
Follows our proven 4 step ‘Tell-Show-Do-Review’ model: the best way to learn and retain new knowledge
VIP Service
We go the extra mile: our goal is to be the “Best in Brussels”.
Real-life situations
If you like, we’ll use your own case studies in the training: this ensures its 100% relevant and grounded in reality.
Individual attention and feedback
For each participant, every step of the way. So you really are ‘learning-by-doing’.
Team work
Each class is interactive. Clients tell us they got team building as well as new skills

B4G School is a professional development hub in Brussels.
Join one of our regular one-day masterclasses to up your skills.
Or book a private masterclass for your team (your office or ours)


Clear explanations
No long-winded tutorials: just clear, simple and pragmatic.
Tried and Tested Programmes
All our masterclasses have a proven track record of success. 100% satisfied or your money back
Fun & dynamic
friendly and engaging. We learn best when we’re having fun!
action-by-action instructions with plenty of interaction so your questions get answered.
Individual attention
Small group sizes mean each participant gets personal feedback from the trainer
Check-lists and templates
That you can keep and adapt to your needs
Practical, Hands-on
You’ll be learning-by-doing with case studies, role-play and feedback: the best way to learn.
Holistic approach
We give integrated training so you get self-mastery as well as the best tools and techniques
Visual support
Using flip charts, projectors, post-its and group dynamics. Our training has something for everyone.

Develop your potentiality and capability