How to lead engaging and participatory online meetings

Practical, Hands-On, Fun

So good, they’ll stop multitasking and stay focussed

Keeping participants engaged during online meetings can be difficult because you need specific skills, reflexes and behaviors:

  • How do you stop people (including yourself!) from getting bored, zoning-out or multitasking?
  • How can you tell if they agree with your point without the magic of non-verbal feedback  and communication of in-person meetings?
  • How to include everyone in discussions – and not just one or two dominant people?

You’ll walk away with the answers to all these questions and more – and the skills to get results from all your virtual meetings.

What You’ll Get:

By the end of this online training, you’ll have the keys and the know-how to lead participatory and collaborative virtual meetings that increase results:

  • Pre-training Virtual Meeting Health-Check to identify your specific pain points and areas for improvement

  • The most critical habit to get into when preparing Virtual Meeting Agendas

  • Specific skills to chair and facilitate virtual meetings so you get diversity of thought and not just the “vocal few”

  • How to ensure you get the right people in the meeting (and a clever way to politely discourage the wrong ones from joining)

  • The mindset you need to overcome the hardest personal challenge about leading & participating in virtual meetings.

  • Online Training:
    3 Online Sessions (90 minutes each), spaced over a period of 3-4 weeks (to practice new skills between sessions)