Learn to manage “difficult” meeting personalities to keep your meetings on track.

Practical, Hands-On, Fun

“Difficult” personalities threaten meeting productivity

We’ve all experienced Meeting Monsters at one time or another. Some common meeting monsters include:

  • The Dominator, whose aggressive personality bullies everyone into silence
  • The Rambler, who talks and talks, hijacking the agenda and going off topic
  • The Complainer, shoots down ideas, drains the energy and kills creativity
  • The Multitasker, checks her phone, answers her mails and fails to engage
  • The Mute, who stays silent so you don’t know what he’s thinking

In this training, we roll-up our sleeves and face this taboo problem head on with kindness, humour and humility. After all, aren’t we all meeting monsters sometimes?

What You’ll Get:

By the end of this training, you’ll have the awareness, understanding and tools you need to effectively deal with ‘difficult’ personalities so your meetings stay on track, on topic, and on time:

  • Pre-training Meeting Monster Health-Check to identify your specific pain points and needs

  • Action-by-action instructions and personalized feedback

  • 5 critical behaviours to handle even the toughest meeting monsters

  • How to set up the meeting agenda to solve problems before they even arise

  • Specific facilitation tips and tools to handle the most common meeting monsters

  • Self-mastery to control your emotions and knee-jerk reactions so you can respond with centered calm, ease and skill.

  • In-Person Training:
    One-Day (9:30-17:00) + Half-Day Q&A Debrief ~30 days later (so you can practice new skills between)

  • Online Training:
    3 Online Sessions (90 minutes each), spaced over a period of 3-4 weeks (to practice new skills between sessions)