Facilitation & Ideation

Harnessing the power of collective intelligence to transform your ‘talkshops’ into creative workshops that deliver results.

Facilitation comes from the french facile. We make it easy for your teams to align around common goals, express themselves, generate ideas and make decisions. We use specific tools and processes to energize, engage and encourage each participant to share and build their genius so that 1 + 1 = >2

Executive & Leadership Team retreats, Strategy Days, Project Team Brainstorms

Workshop Facilitation

To engage and motivate everyone to contribute their best, reach consensus and get results



Ask Questions
To understand your needs and objectives for the event
We’ll work with you at the planning stage for full alignment
Contact speakers
Personally contacts speakers to ensure effective preparation and follow-up
Meticulous planning of facilitation tools, processes and layout to set your event up for success


Active Participation
Energises, engages and encourages all participants so everyone contributes their best
Process by Design
Using the tools selected from the planning phase, unlocks the collective intelligence and creativity of the group to generate real breakthroughs
Visual Support
Using a range of somatic and visual tools, the facilitator makes it easy for participants to generate actionable results
Time & Topic
Maintains focus on outcomes, deliverables and timing so the event stays on track and you get the results you need
Clarify and summarize
Records, clarifies and summarizes in a way everyone can understand and agrees with


Workshop Report
If you wish, we’ll develop a summary of the outcomes after the event
Visual Record
You will receive all visual materials created during the workshop as a visual record of the outcomes.
If you need follow-up support after the event, let me know!

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